Why Invest
With Qupital?

Qupital connects professional investors with e-commerce merchants seeking working capital. Investors can earn an average of 8-13% p.a.

If you are an professional investor and would like to expand your portfolio, register today and we’ll be in touch for more details.

Cutting-edge Data Science Systems

Qupital uses predictive analytics and machine learning to forecast performance and inform precise credit decisions. Having these key indicators minimizes the financial risk for both sellers and investors.

Real-time, 3rd-party E-commerce Data

Through API integration with partners, Qupital can retrieve operational data for immediate monitoring and assesement. Qupital makes use of these real-time data points to build different risk models, take action on any anomalies, and provide the best path towards financial success for our clients.

The Benefits

Higher Returns Than Traditional Investments

Average annualized yield of 8-13% P.A.

Brand New Asset Class

Broaden your investment portfolio.

High Liquidity

Short investment cycle with typical maturity duration of 30 to 90 days.

User-friendly Funder App

Invest and manage your portfolio with ease.

Big Data Backed Risk Model

We use real time data to conduct credit monitoring and mitigate risks.

Quality E-Commerce Merchants

E-commerce is one of the fastest global growing business sectors.

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