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Investments are secured by AI-backed real-time monitoring. Enjoy risk-adjusted returns of up to 13% A.P.R. upon loan maturity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors on the Qupital platform are required to be registered as Professional Investor (PI) in Hong Kong. The monetary threshold for PI in Hong Kong is as below:


· Individual: A portfolio of not less than $8 million

· Corporation or partnership: A portfolio of not less than $8 million or total assets of not less than $40 million

· Trust corporation: Total assets of not less than $40 million

Certainly. Duration of loans on the Qupital platform range from 30 days to 364 days. Investors are able to select loans with terms that suit their investment strategy.

Our investors typically enjoy an average annualized yield of 8-13% p.a., a higher return rate than most traditional investments. However, actual returns may vary.

Qupital’s Funder Application allows our investors to check the real-time performance of purchased and listed loans. You will have full visibility over your personal portfolio, as well as other available assets that you may be interested in.

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