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Qupital offers a simple, yet advanced platform that allows e-commerce merchants to fund and track their cash advances with ease. Learn about all the merchant benefits Qupital has to offer and apply today* to get started on the next level of your business.

*No credit score pull or payment required.

A merchant-focused platform

Low Cost Financing

APR ranges 8-13% and is subject to credit assessment decisions.*

Rapid Loan

The entire credit assessment process is complete within 3 working days.

No Collateral Required

Qupital uses an entirely data-based credit model so no need for collateral.

Easy Application

Fully online for a seamless application and approval process.

*Shall not exceed limits imposed by applicable law and regulations

Trusted by Leading
E-Commerce Sellers

The Benefits

Pricing Strategy

Improve the accuracy of price calculation and increase the competitiveness among the marketplace.

Inventory Suggestion

Forecast market demands in detail, to guide production and procurement, and manage inventories.

Predict Future Sales

Forecast trends of merchandise sales through algorithms to increase revenue.

Behaviour Analysis

Predict consumers’ decision-making behaviors of purchase to make precise positioning of consumer behaviors.

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