Why Invest With Qupital?

Our innovative investment platform is ideal for institutional investors, family offices and sophisticated professional investors from around the globe. With varying degrees of return, risk and maturity profiles, trade receivables are able to satisfy the needs of diverse investor types. A receivable offered on Qupital is structured to provide investors with the highest yield and late payment protection available.

How It Works


Online Register

Online Register

Prospective seller provides business details and supporting documents to get started.


Seller Uploads Invoice

Seller Uploads Invoice

A qualified business will be able to upload their verified invoices through the Qupital platform and set the discount rate of the invoice.


Funders Bid On Invoice

Funders Bid On Invoice

Investors can view individual invoice and offer a discount rate for the invoice, providing a cash advance to the business.


Invoice Gets Paid Within 24HRS

Invoice Gets Paid Within 24 Hours

Once the auction ends, seller will receive cash advance within 24 hours, solving the cash flow problem

Return Comparisons

Average industry returns vs. average returns on Qupital

Fixed Deposits : 0.15 - 0.50% per annum
Corporate Bonds : 2.50 - 6.00% per annum
Trade Receivables : 5.00 - 18.00% per annum

Industry Returns (Yield Type Vs. Basis Points)



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