Cost Calculator - Customize Your Fees

Select the invoice value, payment terms and discount rate of an invoice your are considering on pre-financing through Qupital to see what terms are typically able to be achieved.

Invoice Value: $1,000,000

Payment Term: 60 days

Seller Grade: A

You will be immediately advanced


Due to you in 60 days


Discount fee*: $9,000

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Evaluate your seller grade to learn the cost of discount fee.

Cost Example

Sell a HKD 1,000,000 invoice with 60 days payment term with discount rate of 1.10%

Qupital transfers to you HKD 900,000 in 24 hours (90% advance)

Qupital transfers to you HKD 89,000 when your customer pays on day 60 (remaining 10% minus discount fee)

Discount fee*: HKD 11,000
*This cost example is a typical approximation of an average user and does not include the platform fee. Please sign up with Qupital to find out more.