Problem: Cash Flow

You have cash locked up in unpaid invoices leading to insufficient liquidity and lack the immediate short term financing required to create more business and grow your company.


Qupital is able to quickly and efficiently provide an option to fund your unpaid invoices. We have a competitive pool of funders who are actively seeking to purchase your invoices.

How It Works


Online Register

Online Register

Prospective seller provides business details and supporting documents to get started.


Seller Uploads Invoice

Seller Uploads Invoice

A qualified business will be able to upload their verified invoices through the Qupital platform and set the discount rate of the invoice.


Funders Bid On Invoice

Funders Bid On Invoice

Investors can view individual invoice and offer a discount rate for the invoice, providing a cash advance to the business.


Invoice Gets Paid Within 24HRS

Invoice Gets Paid Within 24 Hours

Once the auction ends, seller will receive cash advance within 24 hours.

Client's Story

  • Chocolat-ier Limited

    Chocolat-ier Limited

    "Cash flow is very tight for us during the peak seasons as a supplier, that's where Qupital comes to help. With Qupital's service we are more confident in growing and expanding the business!"

  • KC Korea Limited

    KC Korea Limited

    "Qupital provides fast and flexible financing. They listen to our needs and work well with our team. Together with Qupital, our company now has the confidence to take on larger orders and be able to grow our businesses."

  • Granco (H.K.) Limited

    "Operation is simpler than imagination, we can set our own discount rate, and monitor the real-time online auction process, which makes our financing easier.!"

Optimize Cash Flow

Receive advances on your unpaid invoices reliably and at low cost.


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Export Export
Domestic Trading Domestic Trading
Services Services
Manufacturing Manufacturing
Construction Construction


Seller Eligibility

Seller Requirements:

  • Hong Kong registered company
  • HKD 2,000,000+ turnover
  • Open account trading with other businesses
  • At least 12 months of operating history

Optimize Your Cash Flow

Receive advances on your unpaid invoices reliably and at low cost.